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Comunicare Digitale APS was founded


First European Digital Forum organized


Dime Comunicaciones SL was founded


The relationship with the European Parliament begins


17 events of international caliber


Collaboration with the first European Horizon 2020 project


Collaboration with the second European Horizon 2020 project

We are committed to supporting our clients in those areas where their partnership with us can bring real value. We can work to identify opportunities and anticipate challenges.

Comunicare Digitale was founded with the idea of creating an “environment, a logical and physical place” where the development of digital could find in the house and create a community of knowledge, relationships, ideas, activities, in view of what, by 2003 would be the next “cultural revolution” leading from the industrial one of the late nineteenth century.
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Dime Comunicaciones was born from the need to unite the European communication market with two fundamental countries for our network, Italy and Spain. From 2013 we started an adventure that brought us to the main professional and personal European scenarios